> How to get sound on:

Well you can often get MPXPLAY sound but I assume
you mean "sound in games that try to use some SB16
and have no replaceable drivers". If you have some
game where drivers ARE in separate files, it might
be worth looking whether we can write some AC97ish
variant as drop in replacement :-).

> a) desktop computers and motherboards without PCI
> (and for sure also no ISA)

With onboard AC97 or HDA sound, I assume.

> B) new notebooks without sb16 onboard

With onboard AC97 or HDA sound, I assume.

> Currently impossible?

In both cases you cannot install a SBPCI / SBLive!
which would come with a "create illusion of SB16
and send sound to AC97 hardware" driver... You can
ask Creative to "unlock" their driver to work on
generic AC97 hardware (ahum) or you can write a
similar driver youself, based on "illusion of old
SB ... send to PC speaker" open source driver VSB
and the MPXPLAY AC97 hardware drivers:

http://mpxplay.sourceforge.net/ (old!?)
http://www.freewebtown.com/mpxplay/ (newer!)
http://www.geocities.com/mpxplay/ (same but with ads :-p)
(supports: SB Live/Live24, Audigy 1,2,4,LS; CMI 8338/8738;
Intel ICH, Intel HDA, VIA 686/8233/8235, maybe others?)

http://www.mplayerhq.hu/ also seems to support DOS but
I could not find a list of soundcards supported in DOS.

(this is just a mirror of the original VSB files)


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