This was my 2nd installation ever, but my first in a system with a NIC, and
the boot messages are perplexing. According to my router, FreeDOS never got a
DHCP IP assignment from the router. I see among the boot messages on the screen:

Multicast setup workaround used for both 10 Mbits and 100 Mbits
This board supports 100 Mbits
PHY device 1 - National DP83840 100BASE-TX, C step
Negotiated speed 100Mbs (100Base-TX) full duplex
PHY device 2 - No PHY device installed
Using twisted pair cable
Packet driver software interrupt is 0x60 (96)
Interrupt number 0xB (11)
I/O port 0x6800 (26624)
My Ethernet address is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

When I boot the same system from a Knoppix CD, I get:

#lspci | grep thern
00:0b.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corp 82557/8/9 [Ethernet Pro 100] (rev 01)
#ifconfig eth1
eth1: error fetching interface information: Device not found
#ifconfig eth0
eth0    Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
        inet addr:192.168.x.x Bcast:192.168.x.255 Mask:

Is there some way to translate the FreeDOS boot messages into the networking
language Linux uses, and figure out if the FreeDOS installer misconfigured,
or otherwise why it doesn't seem to acquire an IP address via DHCP? Would it
be easier to set up FreeDOS to use a fixed IP than to figure it out?

The non-organization of the FAQ on sourceforge is a real pain on which I've
yet to find anything directly on point. Googling pages on did
little more than provide a poorly organized mess of links, no onsite page
that seems to cover networking.

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