Hi Skyler,

> When I try to play an audio CD with MPXPLAY, it skips frequently and
> CDRCACHE displays an error message which takes over the screen unless
> I turn it (CDRCACHE) on quiet mode. The error message is
> "CDRCACHE: raw/RedBook not cached 0001".

Interesting. MPXPLAY uses the general raw cdrom driver interface :-)
Actually you do not HAVE to read the raw data to play it - you can
also tell the cdrom drive to play audio itself. However, the latter
only works if you have a connection between your cd/dvd drive and
your soundcard plugged in. So MPXPLAY prefers to fetch the data as
data and then turn it into sound data for the soundcard instead...
My tiny cdrom2ui player for example uses "soundcard cable" style.

> It repeats this message over and over, ad nauseum, making a mess of
> my display. I suspect the two problems are connected (skipping and
> the error message) and they probably have something to do with not
> having enough memory; am I correct? Is there an update I can install
> to fix the problem, or will I need to upgrade my hardware?

This should not be related to memory... Does the skipping stop
when you set cdrcache to quiet mode? If your cdrcache device is
CDRCACH$ then you would say "echo Q > CDRCACH$" for that, but
you can also try "echo 0 > CDRCACH$" to disable the cache while
using MPXPLAY (you can re-enable it with "echo 1 > CDRCACH$").

Other useful cache commands: F flush, S stats, I detailled status,
C clear stats, N normal (as opposed to quiet), V verbose, ? help.
If you can read enough of the messages even while MPXPLAY plays
the audio cd, you could check if cdrcache verbose mode has any
interesting messages about what is going on :-). But I think the
basic "problem" is that MPXPLAY reads the audio CD as raw data
and CDRCACHE has the bad habit to show many messages about that.

I should probably reconfigure the message about raw reads so that
it is only shown in verbose mode. On the other hand, it MIGHT be
of some use to make cdrcache able to cache raw data. Probably not.

Eric ;-)

PS: You can also check if the skipping stops if you do not use
cdrcache at all. If you still have skipping, then maybe your
drive does not want to give you enough raw read speed - maybe
trying to annoy people who rip their audio CD to mp3 or ogg.
Last but not least, high activity on another drive which uses
the same IDE cable as your CD drive could cause slowdown, too.

PPS: For SATA CD/DVD drives and writers, try GCDROM or UIDE.

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