Very nice processor, dual core Athlon BE-2350, only 45 Watts :-)

Well FreeDOS runs fine for me on dual core EE with 65 Watts so
the 64 bit capabilities are no problem. DOS simply boots in 16
bit mode anyway, and modern DOS software uses 32 bits but not
64 bits, apart from floating point which is a different story.

So I think not your update to Athlon64x2be but your mainboard
change and in particular BIOS change is the problem (AthlonXP
cannot work on the same mainboard as Athlon64x2). Check things
such as: Did the apparent geometry of your disk change? Did
you install DOS in LBA mode outside the first 8 GB of disk?
The latter forces DOS to use geometry-independent access :-).

Did you enable BIOS "legacy" support for USB keyboard / mouse
(and maybe storage, such as USB flash sticks) or, even better,
do you use PS/2 keyboard and mouse? Did you try to NOT load
any emm386 or jemm386 or similar? The BIOS built-in USB driver
engine and sometimes also BIOS SATA / SCSI / RAID drivers have
a tendency to be incompatible with emm386 style DOS software.

As you say you have Linux, you are not limited to VirtualBox
and dosbox. Better choices are qemu, Bochs and dosemu. If you
can use a 32 bit Linux, dosemu will run very fast as it can
use the native (hardware) CPU directly then.

> The installation hangs with "drive not ready " messages.

More details please! And do try a newer version of FreeDOS:
http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ is diskette based but for
example in k3b it is easy to add a diskette image to any
CD/DVD project before burning it (menu item: project - edit
boot images - select a diskette image, done :-)).

There are also various tutorials for making DOS bootable USB
sticks: www.ywesee.com/pmwiki.php/Site/FlashingBiosOfALinuxServer


PS: Sometimes SATA controllers might be put into problematic-
for-DOS modes when you select unsuitable BIOS setup options.

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