Hi Michael,

I can't remember if there is a ftp-tool to do this. Please browse the 
links to TCP/IP applications at:

Maybe you find something there. I used EZ-NOS2 as DOS ftp-server for 
some time. But it won't run as DOS TSR.

Mapping a Windows XP share to a (Free)DOS driveletter is a typical 
task for the DOS MS Client. Read more about the installation of MS 
Client on FreeDOS in the links mentioned on: 

A problem may be the memory consumption of MS Client. I just checked: 
If I use the TCP/IP protocol with MS Client and map a share of my XP 
machine, I have 507 Kb conventional memory left. If this is too low 
for you, it is possible to add the NetBEUI protocol to XP and use this 
protocol with MS client instead. This should give you a bit more free 
conventional memory.

MS Client with the WG1049.EXE update can also work the other way 
round, i.e. providing a Freedos share to XP. But I wouldn't recommend 
it. I made the experience that those shares were sometimes a bit slow 
to browse in Windows XP and from time to time froze the Windows Explorer.

I run FreeDOS and Windows XP on different machines and don't use VMs 
so there may be other solutions as well.

Good luck!

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