After messing with SET BLASTER and SBPCI.INI for a while, I managed to get
digital sound working.. at least according to SBTEST.EXE -- And it does work
in a few games [Quest For Glory IV, Disk ver., at least] --- but others give
me the generic "Unable to initialize audio hardware" [Space Quest V] or the
hopefully more helpful "Unable to initialize the sound driver! Sound card
interrupt is already in use by another card." [Heart of China]

Trying to fix this, I edited autoexec.bat and sbpci.ini to set both MT32 and
SB16 emulation to I7, but got the same error message. So I put MT32 on I5
and SB16 on I7... and still got the same error message.

Michael Reichenbach wrote:
> I told you in my previous mail not to use anything else then classic
> himem.exe and classic emm386.exe! For me them are the most compatible
> ones.

I've tried all three now, and all work -- but plain HIMEM and EMM386 crashed
on me when I tried to load a couple of Sierra's install programs with the
sound drivers working.

Michael Reichenbach wrote:
> This did differ a bit from your set blaster variable before.

Yes, I noticed and fixed that when I woke up earlier.

I suppose this setup is fine... until I manage to find an old Motherboard
with an ISA slot, and a SB16, on eBay, and have money.

FDCONFIG.SYS is loading only the lines that were default prefixed with "!",
SHELLHIGH=C:\FDOS\bin\ C:\FDOS\bin /E:1024 /P=C:\autoexec.bat

Yes, I tried HIMEMX+JEMM386, and there was no difference, and tried
HIMEM+EMM386, which crashed on me a couple of times. Autoexec is set to

SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T6 P330 H7

And I tried T4 and T1, and the other things I mentioned above.

Also I tried using your entire FDCONFIG and AUTOEXEC you posted, but FreeDOS
wouldn't even load with it. I noticed a few typos that I fixed, but it still
wouldn't load.
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