Dear FreeDOS team,

I have been a DOS user since my first computer. One year ago I
moved from MS-DOS to FreeDOS, and I was impressed! I completely
adopted FreeDOS, and all my work is now done with it.

In addition, I've also been installing FreeDOS in community
health centers where I do voluntary work creating databases and
training users.

So I thought it's time to say

                          * Thank You *

to all contributors, past and present, of the FreeDOS project.
Your work is greatly appreciated. It is a pleasure to use
software that is being actively developed, and there is this
very nice sensation of receiving a useful gift.

Another aspect fascinates me too. With a good OS like FreeDOS we
can give a new lease of life to old computers which would
otherwise be discarded to landfills. We use nothing but old
computers in the health centers above, and it is a success. It's
the same for my own computers. According to the Wuppertal
Institute (quoted in the Greenpeace Magazin), each set of
computer + monitor + printer requires 14 tons of natural
resources to manufacture. So, avoiding the unnecessary production
of new computers is a very significant contribution to the

Warm regards,

Marcos Florence
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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