Hello, Everyone;

My name is Braden and I'm a new user to FreeDOS. I've successfully
installed FreeDOS to my old Dell laptop (the cd-rom drive held out!). I'm
pretty new to computers, even though they've been in my life for some time
now. I'm an avid windows xp user, but have never really felt all that
satisfied using a graphical system. 

Anyway, I'm going to be returning to school in the spring and will be
majoring in Comp Sci, maybe electrical engineering. At the moment, I'm new
to programming and am looking for a great way to get started and FreeDOS
seems to be a good place to start. I plan to learn assembly and C to start.
Right now, my current task is to try and use my modem to dial up to the
internet. It could take a while...

So, it's nice to meet everyone. I hope we have some fun. 

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