Well i was kind of getting back in to the swing of Helping Out here... I 
remember i left trying to get a "Generic" driver for Audio on PCs with 
AC97\HDA Cards. Too hard for me... Not used to Driver Development... 
Anyway.... I heard about the New FreeDOS 1.1 Distro... Well i Had a Few 

I Heard that FreeDOS is looking for a User Freindly System for 
Installing that wasn't a GUI... Well my idea is that either if someone 
has an old 16-bit Turbo Vision library, then we can compile a setup 
PC... Seeing that DOS is a bit Commonly used with 32bit CPUs, use the 
DJGPP Version...

I highly doubt anyone still owns a 186\286... so it's not much of a 
support issue...

We just reincorporate the same setup in to the new stub. so it could be 
compatable with the Old FreeDOS LSM Setup for packaging... and then 
using gzip for compression to return a value!

this is my thought... i can help if it's on C++ with a Design and Gzip 
support, maybe a 16bit Watcom Version can work too!

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