Has anyone gotten Jeff Vavasour's coco 3 emulator to work at all 
in freedos?  I believe that the source code is freely available.


"Optimal system requirements for the CoCo 3 Emulator are VGA
compatibility, 429K of low DOS memory free and 384K of free EMS. (Use
the MS-DOS "MEM" command to check your available memory.) A SoundBlaster
on port 220H is also needed for SoundBlaster-based sound. With an
additional 1.5MB of EMS memory, you can run the emulator as a 2MB CoCo
3. (To use the 2MB mode requires OS-9 and special 3rd party drivers that
were sold separately from OS-9. If you are not familiar with the 2MB
OS-9 setup, do not enable the 2MB mode in the emulator. OS-9 will not
work on a 2MB CoCo without the appropriate drivers.) If EMS is
unavailable, the emulator will work as a 128K CoCo 3."(Jeff Vavasour)

     Michael Robinson

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