On Tuesday 30 September 2008 23:23, Skyler Orlando wrote:
> Does anyone know of one? Preferably menu-oriented, not like Vi.

Personally, I'm using EDIT from Windows 98SE. It's very user-friendly, and 
allows to edit big files (up to 5-8 MB as far as I remember). Obviously, it's 
not open-source, or even freeware. On the other hand, there's an open project - 
MS-EDIT ( http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/dos/en/download.php?plik=msedit ). It's 
far from being finished, but anyone could improve it. The project hasn't been 
updated for a long time (few months), but it's not dead. His author hasn't any 
free time just now, but it will be continued in the future.

Mateusz Viste
You'll find my public OpenPGP key at http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/pub_key

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