> I don't know about opensource, but there are versions of msdos 6.22
> source floating around on the net.  It appears to be a complete source
> version, including things like qbasic as well as all the kernel code
> and such. Perhaps it's escape wasn't entirely accidental?

Still it would be absolutely illegal to use those sources
for anything unless you are an employee of Microsoft...

I am pretty sure the escape WAS accidental. I mean even if
it was not, I cannot imagine anything more "intentional"
than some frustrated employee "neglecting" the security
of a computer which contained a copy of those sources.

> fact that it's out there would seem to indicate that ms might be
> willing to at least entertain the idea assuming appropriate
> individuals could be reached.

I disagree, see above.

> Borland hasn't open sourced their pascal compiler, but they
> have released it for free on their museum page, perhaps...

Yes. Quite nice. Also their Turbo C. On the other hand, they
never released TASM and by now we have nice open alternatives
such as OpenWatcom, FreePascalCompiler, FreeBASIC, NASM, JWASM.

> contact them and ask if it would be possible to include copies
> of tp55 with freedoss, it's likely they'd give permission

Good question. We usually prefer to have open source with
no limitations of for example commercial use in our distro.
So if Borland (technology got sold once or twice since they
put their stuff in the museum!!) prefers "free for personal
use" or closed source, it is still nice and we will still
be happy to put a link on freedos.org but I would prefer
not to put Borland products on our ISOs in such a case.

Eric :-)

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