> I have many silent and verbose crashes with Nautilus Digital Voice
> Communicator -- Version 1.5a. However, in the same time Nautilus works
> very well in DR-DOS.

Hmm okay.

> Will be 100% crash when 'NAUTILUS_CONFIG_FILE' variable are set or '-s
> <arg>' (port lock speed) and sometimes '-e <arg>' (cipher) arguments are
> present in command line.

What do the -s ARG and -e ARG options "port lock speed" and "cipher"
do exactly? Are they documented to be "harder" for DOS or hardware?

> run-time error M6111: MATH
> - floating-point error: stack underflow
> Invalid Opcode at 0108 0000 0017 00D0 037C 058E 00D0 1B04 08E4 DB1D 00D0
> 6698 00D0

Hmmm floating point stack underflow or stack underflow?
You can try a few of the following:

STACKS=9,256 (or at most 16,384) instead of the 0,0 default

Run CALC387 to check if your floating point behaves okay in
FreeDOS in general - maybe also useful to use it at all before
you run Nautilus Digital Voice Communicator...? Might be that
DR DOS does some init which FreeDOS does not but CALC387 does?

Try to use no or another emm386: FreeDOS EMM386, JEMM386, JEMMEX?
Also read the docs for the "compatible safe" settings :-)


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