You may have noticed that some older emails have appeared on the lists
today. This is because SourceForge has resolved a problem on the
mailing list servers, and have released a bunch of mail that was held.
Sorry for filling your inbox with old stuff. :-)

The announcement from SourceForge:


For those of you who have been concerned about some missing mailing
list posts, expect to be receiving a lump of mail very shortly. We've
identified the cause of the issue which was preventing the delivery of
mail from one of our mailing list heads and have taken action to
restart the delivery of these mails. Approximately 54,000 mails are
currently queued for delivery at this time. Initial delivery attempt
for these mails should occur in the next 2-3 hours.

On Monday, we will be taking steps to add further monitoring to the
new mailing list servers, and will check in with all currently-open
Support Request tickets regarding intermittent mailing list mail

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