> Amongst the different options you have your favourites (JEMM over
> FD-EMM, MKEYB over FD-KEYB, etc) and such. What is dangerous is...

Depends. I prefer to say that you can try using X instead of Y
and it may work better. It may also work worse! It is more about
"trying something else" and not about "trying something better".

However, I must say I do not like JEMM. Here some comparison...

KEYB - many layouts, supports codepage switching, several files
MKEYB - at most dozens of layouts, one file, easy, for 286+ BIOS

HIMEM - classic, works quite okay, focus on compatibility
HIMEMX - Win9x optimized defaults, fixes bugs, less compatibility

EMM386 - classic, some special functionality incomplete
JEMM386 - low RAM footprint, more complete functionality, needs
  more command line options for a "focus on compatibility" config
JEMMEX - HIMEMX and JEMM386 combined into one program, no way to
  use it with another HIMEM or with EMM386-incompatible games etc.

The two JEMM... also support protected mode (driver) plugins but
so far no really cool ones are available. A port of the old XCDROM
and XDMA drivers exists. UIDE is newer but not yet ported :-).

I hope it is clear that the above is mostly a matter of my own
taste and opinion, but I also hope it reflects some of the real
differences between variants. Feel free to discuss wrong parts.


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