I found not only myself but millions, according to Google, of others have
experienced printing delays when printing from inside a virtual DOS session.
  FreeDOS's parts [ in | on |  inside] XP is not immune to XP's behaviors.
 I came across a fix at Tom's Hardware.  The delays were 17 seconds and 3 to
5 once the changes were made.
I wanted to print to a TCP/IP networked & USB HP laser printer from a old
DOS program that outputs to LPT1.   No program source is available of course
and Windows XP does not capture LPTx output as did Win98.  I've found the
NET command still works in the DOS box and  LPTx printing can be redirected
to any shared printer.

NET USE LPT1 \\sharingcomputer\theprinter  at the command prompt.

This includes using \\\printer localhost loopback.  This worked but
the printing would not start for 15 seconds.    You can also install the
"Microsoft Loopback Adapter" software  for standalone computer, turn on
networking, share a printer, and then connect it to an LPTx port.

Specifically here's the fix,...

Here it is...
click : Hkey_local_machine
then click : System
then click : CurrentControlSet
then click : Control
somewhere at the bottom of the control list Click: WOW
in LPT_timeout property change it to 2 (seconds)

2) Go to SYSTEM.INI file
in [386enh] section search [Network] if it does not exist enter the
following :


this will reset the wait to 10 seconds

Hope this is of some use.

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