Hi folks,

Just wanted to announce a new (very minor) release of Mateusz's Saucy Editor: 
MSEDIT v0.11

What's new in v0.11 [12 Oct 2008]:
- Fixed a bug in TAB handling (was ignored),
- Added a (rather simplistic) "Compile & Run" function when in FB mode.

Basically, the only change worth noticing is the "Compile & Run" command which 
is working now (MSEDIT is designed to be used as an IDE for FreeBASIC). No 
configuration possible so far: FBC has to be in the %PATH%. MSEDIT will simply 
launch "fbc file.bas", and then "file.exe".

I hope I will be able to improve that soon :-)


Mateusz Viste
You'll find my public OpenPGP key at http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/pub_key

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