>>>>>> 2) I see no way for type cyrillic char 'р' (hex E0) in
>>>>>> the command prompt. Got empty space instead of desired 'р'.

>>>> In 4dos.

>> And FreeCOM too. By the way, in DR-DOS with the same 4dos I have
>> desired char in command promt.
>> What make you think this command interpreter bug?
>> I'm sure on 100% - this is kernel bug.

> That was not clear from your previous mail. However, here is the
> relevant bit of code from kernel readkey / ConRead / KbdRdChar:

> - if AL is returned as E0, return AL as 0 if AH is not 0 else
that's simply a bug.

the BIOS will never return E0 as the char code, unless the russian
KEYB wants to return 'Rubelsign'.


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