> e.g.
> "unix ls /mnt/win_c/dosna~xx.ext> result"
> I do something to dosna~xx.ext that the result is a 
> /mnt/win_d/longfilename.ext
> As I try to turn the idea into a program, I have some hurdles  to overcome 
> such as lower / upper case mixed, duplicated and embedded with white spaces. 
> It seems a dos filename in dosemu can't be converted successful without 
> errors and the conversion may not be one to one. I want to suppress the error 
> messages by appending "2>/dev/null" to the unix ls command string above but 
> is not working.
> I hope I expressed my problem clear and you guys can help.

Remember that the command you gave above is being executed in DOS, so
the "result" output file is redirected output from FreeCOM. It's not
redirected from bash or any UNIX shell. The "2>" syntax to redirect
stderr is not supported under DOS.

I thought we had a program that would let you redirect stderr to a
file when running another program, but I cannot find it right now.


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