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> Subject: [Freedos-user] Using freedos to install win
> Hi all,
> I have a licensed windows from uni which I need to install on
> my cdrom-less laptop. So, I created a usb stick with freedos,
> booted it up and I start as c:, where the main drive is d:.
> Then I copy windows install dir from the usb stick (which is
> inside a dir along with the freedos stuff), to d:. Problem
> now, is that freedos [usb] is c: and main drive is d: and
> windows will always try to install itself to c:, to the usb

You can tell windows where to install itself; it doesn't have to be c:, 

> stick in this case which is bad, so 2 possibilities I can think of:
> 1) configure freedos to boot in the usb stick as something
> else as c:, so that c: is free for the main drive; Is it
> possible? If yes, how?

You might be able to use the "subst" command to do this, but I'm not sure.

> 3) make d: [main drive] bootable and boot directly to the
> main drive and from there install windows. How can I do this?

IMO, this would be your best bet:  install freedos to drive d:, then remove the 
usb key and reboot; it should pick up the hd as c:, boot freedos from it, and 
then you can go on to install windows.


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