>  I tried to install Freedos on a 2 GB Jetflash on which the MBR
> was already messed up. When installing, the system files and folders
> were copied OK on the Jetflash but then it failed to boot up. GRUB gave
> strange error messages.


> Finally I installed Damn Small Linux and Puppy
> on the stick and I also have a more than 400 MB Fat32 partition.Can I
> install freedos on it ? What should I do to make it boot Freedos ?

What did you do when you tried?? SYS? Makebootfat? Sys-freedos-linux?

Yes you can make single partitions bootable with all of those... You
then add a menu item. See the MANY howtos for booting Windows and DOS
with GRUB... Most common problem is that you formatted with mkdosfs
and forgot to set the partition start location properly. If your DOS
partition is the first on the disk then a typical setting would be
using the option --offset=63 with sys-freedos-linux'es sys-freedos.pl
(note that you also need Perl and Nasm installed to run that one).


>  With Puppy (frugal install) I had to modify the menu.lst file in Damn Small 
> Linux's GRUB so as to be able to boot Puppy.

In what way?


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