Hi Kurt,

> copied DOSUSB into 'c:\DOSUSB. I ran DOSUSB.com ...
> edit the config.sys
> with a seemingly typical:

> The FreeDos version is named fdconfig.sys

If there is no fdconfig.sys, FreeDOS will use config.sys instead.
The idea is that you can have BOTH and then FreeDOS will use the
fdconfig.sys while MS DOS will use config.sys - good for dualboot.

> 'DEVICE' lines in it have the word 'device' preceeded by ;1?,123?

Read the config.txt file - those are for creating a boot menu.
A line like "13?something" does "something, if menu item 1 or 3
is selected. More compact but a bit less readable than MS' menus.

> I changed to the DOSUSB directory to try and edit the USBDISK.sys

It is a binary file, you cannot edit it with a text editor.
Binary files are SYS, COM, EXE and so on. Only (fd)config.sys
is text, so a more logical name would be (fd)config.ini ;-).

You should put a fresh copy of usbdisk.sys in your directory,
as the attempt to edit it with a text editor probably broke it.

Eric :-)

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