OK, by now, I can answer my own question! In fact, the USBDISK.sys had been
corrupted in the copying from the disk;reloaded it fresh and had figured out to
put the line: '?123DEVICE=C:\DOSUSB\USBDISK.sys' i.e., that the '?123' refers
to the three startup options of the FreeDos. I also made a small bat file to 
DOSUSB.com(which is in dir DOSUSB) with 's<enter>' from the c:> prompt;
repeated executions of DOSUSB.com(or 's') toggle the driver on and off; so then,
I tried the flash drive in either USB socket until it got recognized as 
Voila! The flashdrive came out on drive D: and the cd got bumped to drive E:.
I have been told by georg potthast, the writer of DOSUSB, that which letter is
a function of where in the config(fdconfig) you put the DEVICE line,before or
after the line for the cdrom. Incidentally, if using the GEM desktop with 
the icon for the flashdrive will be the icon for a harddrive. Sadly ,georg 
me that DOSUSB will not work in the dosbox of W98b; this because the 98 has
*some* measure of USB support, and this will conflict with the DOSUSB; in
fact, georg told me that the DOSUSB will test to see if it is in such a dosbox,
and if it is, will throw an error and not install. This is sad because the 
'aftermarket' drivers all warn of screwing up the works, and having tried some
of them, I can tell you, they all do! I was thinking: put FreeDos on the first
partition; put 98 on the second partition, and use the first partition as
a USB servicing function. Trouble is, I don't know how to call across a
partition, though I know it can be done, since I do it on a machine with 
My cheap printer wont work from the linux side, so I send a file from linux to
windows and print it from there. What do y'all think?  kurt  <[EMAIL 

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