Kurt Godel wrote:

> Most informative, and spurred me to search up 'config.sys'; I found that 
> MSDOS and W3.11 have the config .sys as a regular text file,i.e., can use 
> 'edit config.sys';
> but W95 and up, must use 'sysedit', and must start it from Windows, that is:
> start,run,sysedit.. Never realized this before(sheltered life)! CUL;
> kurt.

Sorry, I don't understand your question. But both config.sys and 
fdconfig.sys are regular ASCII text files.

On all the MS-DOS based Windows cd's (95/ME) there is a directory called 
\OLDMSDOS which includes the EDIT text editor. Which you simply copy to 
a directory in your path and can be fired up, if you booted your Windows 
machine in DOS mode.

FreeDOS also includes a couple of texteditors, also one called EDIT.


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