I have been trying for a week to get FreeDos and W98SE to dual boot. Tried 
partition with dos first then windows=only the dos boots; then windows first and
dos second=only the dos boots. Then tried extended partition/logical drive 'd',
both ways(with 'd' having either dos or windows; in fact, the FreeDos installer
even asks where to install: c or d); still no good. The boot menu of FreeDos 
to "muscle in" ,and dominate; so I presume 'fdconfig.sys' needs a line placed 
in it
to make the additional option of booting to windows? Also perplexing: if I only
load the Freedos, drive c: has autoexec .bat with hundreds of bytes, but if I 
FreeDos on top of W98, the autoexec.bat is empty, as it is with W98; yet the 
runs.(or was that 98 on top of dos?). PS, I have seen screenshots of 'fdisk' 
with 5
menu options, but the one I have,from an old startup, has but four.
Will I have to pre-partition the disk, and if so, with what exact configuration?

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