The author of commo is no longer with us.  He died a couple years ago,  
so unfortunately, there's no way to ask him for distribution changes.
On the other hand, the source code for commo had been lost in a disk  
crash sometime before his death, so there would have been no way for  
him to release it as gpl anyhow.
It's a shame too, commo was an excellent program, and one I used for  
many years.
There is a yahoo group that still occassionally gets posts from folks  
making new macros and such, but for the most part, it's a dead list.
The messages from Fred's nephew about his uncle's computer and trying  
to figure out what to do with his shareware are posted there as well,  
(I don't have the direct url though), although I do have the messages  
saved in my inbox if you are interested and can't find them online.

I was one of the distribution sites for commo when it was being  
actively developed, and version 7.7 was the last official release of  
this excellent program.
There are no restrictions on the shareware version though, so there's  
nothing preventing users from using it as their regular com package.
Hope this helps.

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