I'm surprised that noone has talked about XOSL.  I used it to hide the
primary partition of freedos so I could install Windows 98 SE.  It has
been so long, I can't remember if I used a 98 boot floppy to get around
the you only have 16 megs of memory issue or not.  I know that I created
a dedicated partition to put the 98 cab files on because I couldn't boot
from CD and I used freedos to do this.  I had to use XFDISK to switch
back to freedos after the install of 98se from a freedos boot
disk.  I might have used MSDOS to fire off the 98se install.  The nice
thing about 98se is that it is FAT based and you can hide partitions
from it.  In 2000/XP and later you can't hide partitions, 2000/XP sees
them anyways.  Microsoft's attitude with it's NT line of OSes seems to
be that you won't use multiple versions of Windows and/or dos.  
Never mind that every new release of NT leaves behind a LOT of software
that works in dos and older versions of Windows.

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