> explains the problems I was having booting both Fd & DR-Dos
> http://www.drdosprojects.de/forum/drp_forum/posts/8019.html

You probably used different geometries 1. when you ran SYS and
2. when you tried to boot DOS. A possible workaround is to run
SYS after booting DOS (from floppy, cdrom, dvd or USB stick).

Another possible workaround is using sys-freedos-linux or maybe
makebootfat and force them via command line options to use the
proper geometry that the BIOS happens to use when you boot. You
can sometimes modify that geometry in BIOS setup, too. It might
also help to use a LBA-only boot sector, for example a FAT32 one.

You can also use SYS CONFIG ... to force the kernel to use only
LBA and ignore the CHS geometry (yes even CF cards have one)...
See the SYS CONFIG /? help screen for details.

> my hardware works very nicely on both Ms-Dos and DR_Dos.

Well judging from the forum text, you could boot neither DR DOS
nor FreeDOS - until you got SYS happy, and then BOTH worked :-)

> I finally managed to get a bootable CFC.
> I made the Bootdisk as follows.
> 1. Booted from a DR-DOS bootdisk that made a RamDrive in memory.
> 2. Copied FDos file to RamDrive. (Format , Sys, Command.com, Kernel.sys)
> 3. Changed to D:\
> 4. Format C:
> 5. Sys D: C:

That is unnecessarily complicated. You do not have to SYS
the ramdisk. You can simply do the following:

1. boot from a DR-DOS or FreeDOS bootdisk which contains
the FreeDOS sys, command.com and kernel files somewhere.
2. optionally FORMAT C: (I guess it already was formatted)
3. run the FreeDOS version of SYS C:, optionally with the
right command line options to write only the boot sector.
Or instead: give the right options to copy the right files.
4. if necessary, copy FreeDOS command.com & kernel.sys to C:

> rebooted and it worked. However, I have an error at boot time.
> "InitDiskWarning Using suspect partition PRI: 1  FS 06 with calculated
> values
> 982-15-63 instead of 940-31-63 C: HD1, PRI [1] , CHS = 0-1-1, START=  0MB,
> Size = 967 MB"
> If I change the BIoS fromAuto to manual and change the Heads, Cyl to the
> calculated values, then
> on the next boot, it reports the same error, but with totally different
> "Calculated values"
> Loading LbaCache gives the following HDD report:
> Disk 0x80 Heads=0032 sectors=63

The calculated and found values both say 63 sectors per track,
so the BIOS already agrees with the boot sector there. However,
the head and cylinder count seem to differ. For example maybe
you ran FDISK when you had a geometry with 33 heads but then
booted with a geometry of 32 heads. Or maybe the CF disk came
preformatted with a geometry of 33 heads. In either case, you
can partition the disk again, this time with a geometry of 32
heads and 63 sectors per track, and let the BIOS use the same
geometry (it already seems to use it according to LBACACHE).

The number of heads should be enough to fit the partition but
not beyond the actual disk size, but is no real issue for DOS.

> I suppose I can ignore it for the moment, and continue to
> see how far I can go with it

You should consider fixing your partitioning or at least set
the partition type to LBA instead of CHS to make the problem
less relevant. Note that you can also tell your BIOS to use
the geometry that your FDISK used - but then you should SYS
and probably FORMAT again. Using FDISK to make the geometry
match your BIOS auto settings is better. You will have to
FORMAT and SYS after that, of course.


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