Hi All
I have been trying - and trying and trying - to read a large multi-page 
Postscript file  [[the REXX manual]] using FreeDOS.  The pages were too small 
to read when sent directly to screen.  So I sent pages to the pcxmono driver  
[[-NOPAUSE  -sDEVICE#pcxmono  -sOutputFile#foo.pcx".... ]]. That made a very 
nice pcx file but only for the first page of the manual!

With  -sOutputFile#foo%0d.pcx  I got the first ten pages.  The new 5.10 GS 
documentation says you can also use format  -sOutputFile#foo%02d.pcx  but I 
never got any output file at all with GS 5.10.  The first 10 pages of the 
manual were obtained with the older version of GS.

Joseph aus Cocomo

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