On 15 Nov 2008 robinson-west user wrote:

      > What is the outlook for freedos 1.1? I'd like to see
      > improved stability overall, better networking options,
      > and integration of the package manager into a gui. Gem
      > is great because it is light and that's what freedos
      > should be, light on resource use. I think there should
      > be some discussion on whether or not it would be
      > appropriate to enhance freedos so it can serve
      > effectively as a low cost simple OS for file server
      > applications. Netware used to be the thing for
      > networking dos networks, but it is proprietary and
      > expensive. In Linux land there is something called the
      > Mars netware emulator if memory serves me right, maybe
      > emulated Netware is something freedos can support.

I, for one, would welcome improved networking capabilities
in FreeDOS.


Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, SP, Brazil

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