Hi :-)

> I didn't know you had so much testing needed.  I'll

Well you can still check bugs after 1.1, but it would
make sense to review the list of bugs and decide which
of them we should try to fix before FreeDOS 1.1 already.

> see what I can do with testing some of the small
> (batch file, etc) stuff you mentioned.  I ran into
> some of them when I was setting up my FD machines

You can also compare to this wiki page:


Maybe you know some issues not mentioned there yet.

> several months ago.  Do you know if the networked
> file timestamp issue I brought up a couple of months
> ago (the one Uli repro'd) is also on the list for FD 1.1?

Hmmmm interesting that Uli reproduced it! Next step
would be to debug it. Somewhat problematic because
you need two computers and one Windows for that.

Normally I would say ask if one of the people on the
freedos-kernel list has such a test setup. There are
not many people on that "technical" list, though...

>> - Rugxulo has a diskette distro which is much like a
>>   FreeDOS 1.1 ...

Current status is that Rugxulo has zipped up all the
source code for disk 1 but I guess he could use help
for disk two. Disk 3 contains less open source anyway.

To be exact: Sources for keyb*.sys, games, multimedia,
drivers, Brainf* examples, utilities are not zipped
yet, but sources of FreeDOS core apps and fdisk are.
Contact Rugxulo if you want to comment or contribute.

http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/disktwo.txt (upper half done)

>> - Mateusz has the FDUPDATE service on his homepage,
>>   but you cannot use it to update from FreeDOS 1.0
>>   to FreeDOS 1.1 yet. To do this, the collection of
>>   updates (clean zip files) has to be completed.

You get the FreeDOS UPDATER and mixed software here:


This  is the list of packages  for which FD updater
compatible ZIPs are already available from Mateusz:


This is the list of FreeDOS BASE packages:


The mission would is to compare both lists and find all
base packages where 1. a newer version than in FreeDOS
1.0 (9/2006) exists but 2. that newer version is not yet
available via FDUPDATE. Once we have the list, we can
zip up the updates in fdupdate-friendly way. As said,
no programming skills are required :-).

>> - Fritz has an almost complete update for HTMLHELP
>>   even including German and English versions of some
>>   texts. Would be better with proof-reading, though.
>>   Checking whether X text agrees with X /? and such.

If you want to help, please send an email to the list.

>> - Brian has made a new FDISK version with better LBA
>>   and disk detection and avoiding an old partition
>>   table destruction problem. It would need testing,
>>   on IDE, SCSI, SATA, RAID by people with BACKUPS.

Rugxulo has a copy of this version on his homepage:

http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ Nov 5 addition:

As FDISK is a very powerful thing, you should only
test it if you know how to recover from any accident
during testing, including "all partitions vanish"!

A perfect thing to test for people who have a second
PC or a virtual computer which is free for experiments
and which has only easy to re-install data on it :-).

>> - the fd-doc.sourceforge.net wiki has a list of known
>>   problems in FreeDOS 1.0, most of them small bugs in
>>   batch files and similar. Somebody could take files
>>   from FDBASECD and create improved batch versions...

See above... The Wiki page I mean would be this page:


>> - our bugzilla is very slow at the moment, but you can
>>   still do for example "find all bugs for, say, CHKDSK",
>>   read them and check which ones are fixed already in
>>   in the newest version of it and then mail that ;-)

Bugs marked as trivial or enh. usually count as feature
requests or feature suggestions. Many bugs are marked as
normal. Bugs marked as major and normal bugs which seem
to be easy enough to fix are best candidates to fix soon.

As said, Bugzilla is overloaded (too old hardware) now
but easy queries still work... For example you can use:


...to get a list of OPEN bugs, for example for CHKDSK:


(list for ALL packages would timeout) one of the bugs is bug 1954:


Eric :-)

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