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> Hi :-)
> > I didn't know you had so much testing needed.  I'll
> Well you can still check bugs after 1.1, but it would make
> sense to review the list of bugs and decide which of them we
> should try to fix before FreeDOS 1.1 already.
> > see what I can do with testing some of the small (batch file, etc)
> > stuff you mentioned.  I ran into some of them when I was
> setting up my
> > FD machines
> You can also compare to this wiki page:
> http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?n=FdDocEn.FdInstall
> Maybe you know some issues not mentioned there yet.
> > several months ago.  Do you know if the networked file
> timestamp issue
> > I brought up a couple of months ago (the one Uli repro'd)
> is also on
> > the list for FD 1.1?
> Hmmmm interesting that Uli reproduced it! Next step would be
> to debug it. Somewhat problematic because you need two
> computers and one Windows for that.

Actually, it is also reproducible with Samba as the server, so it doesn't 
require Windows at all, just the MS protocol.


> As FDISK is a very powerful thing, you should only test it if
> you know how to recover from any accident during testing,
> including "all partitions vanish"!
> A perfect thing to test for people who have a second PC or a
> virtual computer which is free for experiments and which has
> only easy to re-install data on it :-).

I've got several machines sitting around that I'm just trying to find some 
useful purpose for!  They're too new to just toss, but not fast enough for our 
everyday production use.  My main issue is finding enough time to work on 
non-production stuff like this.  I can justify some as an investment in looking 
for future improvements in our productivity and lowering our costs, but not a 


> Bugs marked as trivial or enh. usually count as feature
> requests or feature suggestions. Many bugs are marked as
> normal. Bugs marked as major and normal bugs which seem to be
> easy enough to fix are best candidates to fix soon.
> As said, Bugzilla is overloaded (too old hardware) now but

What hardware is it on, where is it located, and what do you think you need to 
replace it?  I might be able to donate a machine to replace it, if you can tell 
me where to ship it...



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