Hi :-)

[file timestamp issues over network folders]

> Actually, it is also reproducible with Samba as the server

Ah interesting! Do you know if the MSCLIENT (I assume you
use that one) is aware of MS DOS 7 / FAT32 / LFN things?
Can you point to a web copy of the original email thread
which describes the problem and reproducing it in detail?

About FDISK testing: The main change is that disk detection
and LBA detection and error handling should be better...

So what you can do is viewing the partitioning, make a few
partitions (FAT16 or FAT32 and above 32 MB would be easiest)
and then check whether it worked, probably after rebooting.

For formatting, I would recommend quick or even quick non-
undoable formatting because those are quickest and most of
the slow format styles do not tell more about FDISK's work.

If you can misconfigure things or use bad enough drivers,
you can check the error handling of FDISK at that time ;-)

You can also check whether you can partition exotic drives
such as USB flash sticks, which will only work when they do
have BIOS / int13 driver support. Some DOS drivers only let
DOS access partitions but not the partitioning itself...

>> As said, Bugzilla is overloaded (too old hardware) now but

> What hardware is it on, where is it located, and what do
> you think you need to replace it?  I might be able to donate
> a machine to replace it, if you can tell me where to ship it...

Germany... In the past, bugzilla ran on a sourceforge server,
but then we moved it to Germany where it could send out email.
Unfortunately, that server broke, so bugzilla got moved to a
slow replacement hardware. We WANTED to move it to a fast VM
server there next, but it turned out that neither the people
in Germany nor Jim had enough time for all the config changes.

So what we need at the moment is not new hardware but some
skilled person that we can trust for doing admin work :-).
You can contact Jim, Tassilo and me if you have ideas here.
I personally would say it would be enough to have help for
the installation and data copy process, with limited privs.


PS: I believe that FDUPDATE has 11 out of 22 BASE package
updates already for "turning FreeDOS 1.0 into 1.1" :-).

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