The fdisk to be tested is here, as said: version 1.3.1

http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ Nov 5 addition:
(no official release, just waiting for testers!)

Note that you can also do complicated or confusing
partitioning to give FDISK more chance to fail ;-)

>>> Actually, it is also reproducible with Samba as the server

Ah okay... Well it is still a bit confusing. Maybe
Uli can make an overview / summary and post that on
the list, but thanks for finding back the off-list
email from Uli for me ;-). The short story seems to
be that when you use MSCLIENT on FreeDOS to access
files on Samba or XP servers, only the change time
is set. The change date is "set to zero" (1-1-1980)
and the create / access times are set by XP to the
local time on the server, if I understand the mail
correctly...? Handling create and access times came
not very long (?) before long file names came so it
can be that MSCLIENT does not even try to set them?

The bug would be that, if used with FreeDOS kernel,
MSCLIENT sends modification time but no date to XP?

No problem that you cannot help with bugzilla, I hope
we have more freedos-user readers who have ideas :-)


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