Hi Kurt,

kernel.sys is a program (like exe), not a config file.
It does open c:\fdconfig.sys and if it does not exist
then it opens c:\config.sys instead. If neither is
found, it just runs c:\command.com and the default
activity of command.com is to run c:\autoexec.bat

So if your "fdauto.bat" would run while fdconfig.sys
would be ignored, it would be a quite odd combination.

You should also use F8 at boot to do things step by
step so you can find out what is really going on.


> Put echo tags at beginning and end of fdconfig.sys;
> even put them in the bat. Both showed
> in the bat, but the fdconfig never executed, not in 'c' , not in 'd' any
> which way, so long as fdos was not initially
> installed in 'c'. It is obvious that fdconfig does execute if fdos installed
> to 'c'.  I suppose this is the doing of
> 'kernel.sys', which does not show in plain text editor; I have a couple of
> hex editors, but that doesn't seem to
> work, either. Can windows sysedit be used?

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