Hi, as you wrote to both user and devel list,
I reply to both lists, too :-).

> Hi everybodu of users! I think write the one professional
> text editor for the FreeDOS project for this stands standart
> text editor for FreeDOS, but existed EDIT.EXE is bugged
> (crashed while copying/pasting the selected text around
> windows with text) and so, ugly. I want to make my text

It looks more or less like the MS DOS EDIT, but has
some more features - for example you can edit several
files at the same time. Note that "similar looks to
MS DOS EDIT" is deliberate, so MS DOS users can have
an easy time using it. Please make sure you use the
CURRENT version, EDIT 0.9a, which is listed here:


There are also several other nice editors - for
example SETEDIT and TDE are really powerful:


> editor as one standart text editor for FreeDOS, and so, all
> existed in the FreeDOS distibution set of text editors can
> be getted off from the FreeDOS into the ass of history!

As you already say, we already have several editors.
It is a matter of taste which one you use, and if
none of them is okay for you, you can of course get
started and write one more editor yourself... ;-)


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