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Hi! If you are a new reader of freedos-devel (or the other FreeDOS
lists) then, welcome! If you have already been a list member for some
time, then you can skip this as you probably are familiar with its
content anyway.

We have only a few rules for posting to the FreeDOS Mailing list:

1. Please don't swear. We don't want this mailing list to become what
   USENET usually is.

2. Don't post off-topic. Remember, we set up this mailing list to
   discuss FreeDOS issues.

3. No flame wars. If you feel really strongly against what someone has
   said, send a private email.

It would also be nice to send only plain text email messages, rather
than messages formatted in html or MIME encapsulation. This makes it
easier for everyone to read your posts. Above all, html files are real
killers for those who read with speech.

Also provide a bit of context for your reply. Don't be afraid to cite
the text or conversation you are replying to. At the same time, you
should be careful not to cite the whole conversation - just the
relavent bits.

The FreeDOS Project aims to create a free implementation of
MS-DOS. DOS is a popular system, and there is plenty of hardware out
there that supports DOS. The official home of the FreeDOS Project is:


Visit the FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) at
fd-doc.sourceforge.net to learn how to use FreeDOS.

Would you like to contribute to the FreeDOS Project? Jim Hall has
started a Contribution HOWTO, as a place to start. Look for it at the
FD-DOC web site.

Report problems to bugzilla at http://www.freedos.org/freedos/bugs/

Many programs have already been written for the FreeDOS Project. You
can see what's new by looking at the Maintainers List, which is at

Thanks for taking an interest in FreeDOS!



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