Hi Blair (how are you? :-)),

> Doesn't the SHSU ram driver set include an
> image mounter?  And shsucdx can mount .iso
> images IIRC.

Hmmm well you have SHSURDRV ramdisk,
SHSUCDHD which mounts CD/DVD ISOs,
ISOLINUXes MEMDISK which boots from
(optionally compressed) disk images
and indeed the SHSU... tools also
have a mount-FAT-disk-image thingy.

Maybe SHSURDRV can also load a disk
image at boot - but then you would
have no function to update the file
(disk image). On the other hand, it
should be possible to use our FreeDOS
DISKCOPY to snapshot any RAMDISK :-)

Only a snapshot of a floppy formatted
ramdisk will help you for making boot
floppies, of course ;-).


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