bwspos wrote:

> Had this the other day - removing TUNS from LBACACHE should fix it 
> and,no, I don't know why.

I removed "TUNS".  It now boots OK.  And mem /c says the following is in 
conventional - upper, everything else has zero conventional.  I am left 
with 608,554 (594K).

SYSTEM 10992 - 6352
HIMEM 2704 - 0
COMMAND 3024 - 624

So any clue why the HDD is treated different than the floppy, on this 

Both machines are LGA 775, VIA P4M800PRO, VIA VT8237R.
Current processor is P4 D Celeron.  Previous may or may not be Celeron.
Current machine is BIOSTAR.  Previous is ECS,
HDD is Hitachi 80G.


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