> I just noticed SHCD does not see the SATA optical.
> Is  this to be expected?

I assume you try using SHSUCDX for SATA CD or DVD
drives? No problem for SHSUCDX (which creates a
drive letter from the raw data) but your low level
driver (to access raw data) must support SATA. One
typical example would be GCDROM:


The UDMA-speed SATA/IDE harddisk/cdrom driver "UIDE"
will probably support SATA CD/DVD as well. Note that
you do not normally need harddisk drivers in DOS, it
only helps with speed in cases where the BIOS does
not make good use of UDMA speeds.


PS: SHSUCDX only supports ISO9660 formatted disks, so
if you have UDF formatted CD or DVD,  you cannot use
files on them. Are there UDF-aware *CDEX as well...?

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