Hi all. MPXPlay for FreeDOS is deadth; midiplay is suxx. Who other? Sergey 
Sapelin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) is writed the DSS (Digital Sound System) player. 
This player have version 3.0. Can be play wav/wma/mp3/mid/rmi/mod/ogg and many 
other sound formats in the on any of exist audio cards or in the internal 
speaker. Can be work on the Intel (r) 80286 up to Intel (r) Pentium - IV Core 2 
Duo 10 GHz. It player is licensed under GNU GPL version 3. I have these full 
source code of this player (getted personally from Serge Sapelin), and so, I 
have right to give these source codes to the FreeDOS project developers team 
for continuing development of this best player for DOS. Distributive of the DSS 
current version can be downloaded from this: 
http://www.nostalgy.net.ru/media/dss.zip (245 KB). Latest version on this: 
http://www.nostalgy.net.ru/media/dss-midi.zip (342 KB). Source codes archive 
(dsssrc.zip; 1.5 MB) I send in the requesting to me letter from the developer 
which have needing to develop it (please sorry for my ugly knowing the english 
language ;) ). Also, anyone can be go to Serge Sapelin personal website at 
http://lrsp.narod.ru (english page is present).

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