Of course there are DOS versions of DD, as for many
GNU tools, for example on www.delorie.com - however,
there is a misunderstanding: DD alone does not help
you editing disks. The trick is that the Linux kernel
lets you access disk devices (for whole disks and for
partitions) as if they were files... This is not the
case with the DOS kernel. To access DOS block devices,
you would use other tools... Which certainly do exist
but I know no good example apart from DEBUG ;-). You
have similar problems in Windows. Of course you can
still do all the fun stuff that DD can do if you have
a diskimage as a file, even in DOS and Windows, with
the DOS and Windows versions of DD ;-).

>> Alternatively, you could search for a dos port of dd

> dd for DOS sounds interesting. Was there ever a DOS port?

> There is dd for Windows, does someone got it to run
> under HX DOS Extender?

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