Eric Auer schrieb:
> Debug versions of kernel.sys produce a lot of technical
> messages, which might scroll away before you can type
> them over ;-).

I will solve this as this problem will appear, see below.

For now, please link to the debug version! :) Well, is there even some?

> You can, by the way,
> use F8 at boot to go step by step through the boot config
> and autoexec files.

No no no. Not config.sys / no autoexec.bat. Well, them are practical but
no one is forced to use them. Also you are not forced to use

The bug is inside bootcode and/or kernel.sys before it complaints for

Again, are there debug version of bootcode / kernel.sys? Just give them
to me and I will deal with anything else later. :)

> PS: How would you paste text before is loaded?

I make photos or video with camera, convert them in good format and
paste it.

> In dosemu? Possible, but then you can also paste the kernel
> nondebug boot messages like the drive list, also useful :-)

Error can be reproduced in VMware and in Bochs, I can make a video or
screenshots while running very easy.

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