> Today I use the command " diskcopy" , but it only for floppy disk,
> is there the tool likt it but it can be used for usb flash ?

You mean for creating a bootable USB stick? Maybe makebootfat
or sys-freedos-linux can help you here:


I know, this does not "install from disk image", but I would
not recommend using disk images for USB flash anyway, because
USB sticks come in all sizes and you do not have disk images
in all sizes, or at least having them would waste space on a
web server. So you better use a tool to make the stick boot
and then copy the files as files, for example after downloading
a zip with FreeDOS files. The Rugxulo diskette distro can be
useful here:


It has 3 diskettes, 2 of which already have all BASE FreeDOS
components in the versions we would use for FreeDOS 1.1 :-)
You can also get a "one 2.88 MB diskette" variant as single
download there, instead of downloading one zip per diskette.

Note that the "make bootable" tools mentioned above are not
for DOS: In DOS, you would simply use SYS instead. You may
also have to use FDISK to flag the partition on your USB
stick as bootable. You may also need FDISK /MBR to make the
MBR bootable as well. This should work if your BIOS supports
USB storage well enough. If not, or if you have to use block
device style USB drivers in DOS (if the BIOS supports USB
storage, no DOS drivers are needed, sticks will just work)
then you will be unable to use FDISK and only SYS will work.

Or of course use your Linux or Windows and a tool like the
sys-freedos-linux or makebootfat mentioned above... :-)


PS: DISKCOPY does work for non-diskette drives as well, I
believe, but as said, you will not have a diskimage which
has the correct size for your USB stick in most cases.

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