Hi! :)

Nice, but why a blog post and not a new wiki site? I think you should
move it.

By the way we have already a similar page
merge it? Didn't you know that great page? :)

The syslinux method is imho a bit complicated, I see no advantage in
syslinux over grub/grub4dos.

If you only want to use FreeDOS you also are not forced to use a
bootmanager, you can simply install FreeDOS into MBR. It's easy, get the
HP Drive Key (for Windows) insert a bootable floppy disk into A:\ and
the rest is self self-explanatory. (If you have no legacy floppy you can
use Virtual Floppy.)

A last comment about
I really do not recommend to boot from USB before doing BIOS flash
because BIOS flash is very risky and this approach is not
tested/documented by the BIOS update developers, it can work and it can
fail, do you want to be a tester?


Florian Xaver schrieb:
> Hi,
> I fought some hours with a new USB stick to make it bootable in DOS. I
> decided to share my experience and wrote following article:
> http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a0503736/php/drdoswiki/index.php?n=Blog.2007-12-20-ArticleBootableUSBsticks
> (you can edit it - just click EDIT and use "gast" as name and "gast"
> as password).
> BTW: "Installation using Windows or Linux" may be better, since I
> couldn't only use a computer with Windows.
> BTW2: The article uses SYSLINUX since other known possibilities didn't
> work with my USB stick, the BIOS or HP's program "USB disk storage
> format tool".
> Comments are wellcome!
> Bye
>  Flo

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