Ok, this is the thing: the arachne gets me to the web, say, google; I can
move around and such, but if I try to
download something, its a no-go. Or if something is downloading, there is no
indication of where it is going.
Even worse, and strangely, if I goto yahoo, the screen already says: 'my
mail', as if I had signed in, when I
have done no such thing! Does this mean that arachne is automatically
creating an account? I cannot get
a login screen! and essentially the same thing with google's gmail. Hit
gmail, or in yahoo my mail, and the
thing hangs up with a flickering line : "cookies........"; and according to
the parameters on the right side of
the screen(seen with higher resolution)the cookies are enabled! I would
really like to get this thing working,
because it is really a neat little job, especially on a rescue cd. kurt, <

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