Hi Michael,

I haven't installed or used Novell Netware with freedos myself, but 
maybe the posting of Mutant Mut to this list in June 2008 may help 
you. I am forwarding this here again:

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Hi All

     Congrats me !!! I found descision =)

     What we have:

            Server: OpenSuse 10.2 with MarsNwe-0.99.pl20-584

            Client: FreeDOS 1.0 kernel build 2036 with 16-bit nwclient 

     We need: to read/write and RUN applications on the mapped (in 
Freedos) netware volume


     In early experiments i used vlm.exe, but now i use NETX.EXE and it
works - user can do all manipulations now(i had executing problems).

     Content of my bat-file with comments for clients :

     LSL.COM        -Novell Link Support Layer for DOS ODI v 2.20

     NIC DRIVER     -Nic Driver For Your Network Card

     IPXODI.COM     -Netware IPX/SPX Protocol With Mobile Support v3.03

     NETX.EXE       -Netware Workstation Shell v3.32

     LOGIN.EXE      -General tool for gain access to the network;

     And i setted VERSION=6.20 in fdconfig.sys because without this
setting NETX.EXE says: "Shell-332-29: Shell requires DOS v3.X through

     Also i use JemmEx.exe from japneth.de (it was advised by Eric Auer.
Thank You Man.) instead of Himem.exe . it works more stable in many
cases than himem.exe but not perfect and sometimes falls with errors
,so user can only restart pc for exiting from this:/

     Thanks for atention and help =)

     p.s. also it was posted in F.A.Q on www.Freedos.org


robinson-west user schrieb:
> I am having trouble setting up the nic on my Intel D845PEBT2 motherboard
> to access a Netware 4.11 server.  I'm trying to install the 16 bit dos
> client under Freedos 1.0.  I am using a student kit.  I get an error
> when I boot that the LOAD command can't be found and I find I am without
> the upper level network drivers.  Anyone know how to get this to work?
>      Michael Robinson  
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