Hi Tom,

> adding up all your emails about 'we need a zip in the right style
> which can be used by the installer, fdpkg and fdupdate...' (a few
> dozen), and guessing the time that is needed to write them, it
> might be better (more productive), if you make the zips yourself.
> otherwise freedos 1.1 won't happen - ever

The zips for BASE are almost complete: At some point, I checked
Mateusz' repository, found that half of the updates were already
zipped up, and made 10 of the remaining 15 BASE zips myself, then
sending them to Mateusz :-). However, as Geraldo recently found
some spare time to start doing the other categories beyond BASE,

I now think that we can even have a FULL FreeDOS 1.1 :-). Which
will be a lot better than a BASE "AuerDOS".  If more people can
help, more work can be done, and I disagree about your view that
I would be the only person working on 1.1, see my BASE experience.

I am sure helping Bonnie to help FreeDOS is more useful than to
try doing everything myself. Other helpers are welcome, too :-).


PS: The missing updates outside BASE are relatively numerous, as
many drivers and archivers etc etc have been updated since 1.0.

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