Hi all,
I read Michael Robinson's email with great interest. About my only 
interest in DOS is that it allows me to take over the machinery without 
the operating system butting in. It is a fantastic environment for test 
programming and other uses that require real time I/O. I've been away 
from the test programming for a year or two, and I'm about to start 
another project, so I'll probably try to upgrade to the latest FreeDOS. 
The extensions I'm interested in are mainly those that allow me to 
access newer filesystems so that the people who use my tests won't 
whinge as much about having to transfer files from DOS to NTFS or the 
like. Too many features is a pain. We can get too many features 
anywhere, even my latest Linux OS is annoying me with features that I 
don't want and can't turn off. I understand the enthusiasm of those who 
want to do all that is possible in DOS, but spare a thought for those 
like me who just want the bare minimum to work.


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