>> as a matter of fact, all SCSI/RAID/USB/whatever disk devices are
>> either Int13-visible (using the boot eprom for SCSI/RAID or by
>> emulation ), or not visible at all.

> Ever heard of DOS block devices? Think of a RAM disk. It'll usually  
> install a DOS block device so that DOS can access it's FAT filesystem
> using the normal device access. Int25/26 and DOS file access work on the
> RAM disk while Int13 (obviously) doesn't.

even an unexperienced programmer should have no problem to give Int13 access
to his fance RAM disk

> What I'm talking about is that you can't go and use a local filesystem
> redirector (f.e. iHPFS) and mentioned RAM disk to create/format the RAM
> disk with a non-FAT filesystem which would be known to the redirector
> (f.e. HPFS).

HPFS ? oops. and I thought that *I* was oldfashioned ;)

but to format a RAM disk using iHPFS seems to be a bit constructed

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards
Tom Ehlert

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